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Top 5 Cottage Industry Ideas. most profitable small business

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Salting industry(Cottage industry)

Everyone likes salty food. Skilled women can make namkeen and sell it in the market at a reasonable price. Various types of pulses like urad, moong, gram etc. are used along with gram flour for making namkeen. The business of making snacks is developing rapidly, from this you can earn good profits. Salting making business is the best cottage industry business.

cottage industry

Pottery making industry

Pottery making industry has been going on in rural areas since ancient times. Clay pots are still used today. It can be started with less investment than a small business. Earthen pots, pots, clay toys, idols etc. can be prepare and sold in the market at a reasonable price

cottage industry

Spice making industry

Different types of spices can be prepare and sold in the market like chilli, turmeric and coriander etc. This industry is capable of meeting the cost of kitchen and daily supplies. For this business you need a small grinder to grind the spices. The more marketing you do in the cottage business of making spices, the more profit you will get.

Home industry

Furniture making industry

Household items such as chairs, tables, beds and other small and thick wooden furniture can be prepare and sold at a reasonable price. This small business brimming with artistry pays dividends. It depends on you how much you invest to buy wood.


Soap making industry

The ingredients needed for the cottage industry of soap making are caustic soda, oil, essence flour etc. Mixing these and preparing soap can sold in the market. For these, 3 to 6 months training given by the District Industries Center for skill. 10th pass is mandatory for training. To develop this business, one can get loan up to 25 lakhs from the District Industries Center.


Clothing printing industry

Clothing can made into a small business by dyeing and printing them. Factories provide ready-made plain fabrics for dyeing so that the same fabric can made attractive. To start this work, you can contact the clothing manufacturing factory. This low cost business has been continuously growing

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