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Increasingly Popular then electric vehicle share in India due to increase in the rate of pollution , petrol, and diesel. Due to which the trend of people in electric vehicle stocks is increasing. Due to the increase in the number of companies, people may find it difficult to find the right company. Because some companies have accumulated huge money and their valuation has skyrocketed.

Why are people so excited about electric vehicle stocks?

The government has set a target of achieving 100% electrification by 2030. Looking at the initial work that it is currently doing, this is a big goal.

All three-wheelers will be battery-powered by 2023, and the most of two-wheelers will be battery-powered by 2025. With the Indian government’s increased focus on green mobility. It’s reasonable to expect the electric vehicle industry to develop and India’s electric vehicle nimble to expand. Because of India’s Electric vehicale share market’s general acceptance and expansion. The year 2021 can be regard the best time to invest in electric vehicle stocks in India.

Tata Motors

Electric vehicle share

Tata Motors is now offering three electric vehicles in the market.

Tata Motors has created ZAPTRON. Which is a unique technology that generates electricity through the motion of the vehicle. and also charges the battery while the car is moving. Tata Motors is now offering three electric vehicles in the market. The Tigor electric car, Nano electric vehicle, and Tiago electric vehicle. As it expands its R&D globally and in India, it is expect to dominate the electric vehicle share industry. Apart from autos, Tata Motors also produces a large number of heavy-duty electric buses, dump trucks, and military vehicles in India. For the past three years, the company has posted a negative return on investment (ROI). Over a three-year period, the stock returned 45.32 percent, while the Nifty Auto provided investors a 9.7 percent return.

Market Cap (Rs. in Cr.): 114567.22 2.

Earning Per Share: Rs.-4.59 3.

Price To Earnings Ratio: 0.00

Greaves Cotton

Greaves Cotton announced its assault into the multi-brand Electric Vehicle Share retail space. Which is expect to contribute significantly to both the top and bottom line. It is the only multi-brand electric vehicle store in the region, and is a natural extension of the company’s high-end engine skill. GCL has a market share of 60-65 per cent in the 3W diesel engine part. Over 30 Indian Original Equipment Manufacturers rely on GCL Engines (OEMs)

Market Cap (Rs. in Cr.): 3204.53

Earning Per Share: Rs 1.21

Price To Earnings Ratio: 114.08

Ashok Leyland

India’s leading maker of electric bus, car, vehicles, and security equipment is Ashok Leyland. It has created the world’s first flash-charged electric bus. It allows heavy-duty electric vehicles share to fit on Indian highway, making it suitable for them. Ashok Leyland’s historic discussion include Circuit, Circuit S, and HYBUS, to name a few. With ABB TOSA technology. Ashok Leyland share is safe to purchase because the management of this company is very good. Ashok Leyland will derange the heavy electric vehicle industry in India. This is the best share if you want to invest for long time. This share give you high profit.

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