Tiffin Service business

The need and demand for good is never ending. Now-a-days lots of people live away from their home. Due to their study and job. So you can start tiffin service with healthy and safe then fast food. The tiffin service business will help to encourage women and start from home. And the start up of this business doesn’t need huge amount. Tiffin service is a small scale business. You can deliver their fresh, homemade food, cooked with care, to them. The model of a tiffin service business is simple and highly profitable.

Now-a-days people demand for hygienic food and tasty food. While the pandemic is still exist so people move to healthy and tasty food. tiffin service is better is better idea for business. So if you are passionate about whipping up delicious food and serving it. You can start your own tiffin business.


The key to running a successful tiffin service is healthy and simple home-made food and nothing fancy. The success of your business venture will depend on having a good reputation and meeting the demand of your customer.

1. Market Research

Before setting any business up, firstly you have to conduct through the market research. It helps identify the area of sector that have scope and ways inn which you can utilise. Also performing an in deep study of the market will help determine whether to start a regular tiffin service business. Cater food occasionally on the weekend.

2. Work Space

An average Indian kitchen is good enough to cook for 40-50 people. If you have a bigger kitchen or extra space. It’s an added advantage. Additionally, you can convert a small room into an office and use it well. Putting up a packing station will help avoid jumble. For starting the business you have to planning of what will you do. How will you do . where will you do, and how to store things. You can buy some foldable shelves, hooks to hand

utensil and food containers that fit inside this. With this you save valuable space.

3. Registration & License

For starting any business registration is one of the most important. Next step is to get a license from the Food safety and standards Authority of India. You should take a NOC non objection certificate from your society. And register your name of your venture.

4. Investment

For starting any business first research all thing and find that how much is invest in this. Tiffin service is a small scale business. You have the knowledge about the costing of this. How much does it cost to provide a tiffin with roti. costing with dal and sabji and salad. Cost of packing. Cost borne by you will include the initial one-time investment. And several recurring expense. And you have to invest in high quality utensils and other cooking essential.

5. Safety and Hygiene

Today’s time nothing is important and hygiene . As a tiffin provider you have cook in clean and hygiene place. some measure like pest control.

6. Meal Plan

For avoid the chaos is to plan a menu for each day. there are several ways you can design your menu like; #veganwednesday.

7. Digital Help

This the best way to manage your tiffin business through technology. You can set up an App or Website to receive order. And tie-up with a delivery agency for efficient delivery. And expand your business through digitalization.

8. Marketing and Advertising

For advertising your product social media is best platform. Create a account, and post about your dishes and services. Remember to keep posting continue, engage with your audience. And enjoy marketing free of cost.

Key Tips to Remember

1. Getting feedback from your client once in a week.

2. Mention the ingredients used to avoid complaints from customer.

3. Do change up the menu daily basis to make it more dynamic.

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